Random grumpfest about shopping. I hate shopping for these reasons.

1. Having to buy something that I don’t want for a gig I don’t want to do.

2. It’s a shiny blouse, which they don’t have in the shops yet because it’s not Christmas

3. Everything in the shops is vile

4. All I can see is the people in sweatshops making this shit for tiny amounts of money so that we can all have lots of disposable cheap shit

5. Having to spend money I’d rather not spend.

6. Having to look at myself in changing room mirrors and have an entire battle with myself not to get sucked into vicious self-loathing but maintain some age-appropriate sense of reality

7. I had to go on the bus.

8. Now I have to go back to work (not writing) for four intense hours.

9. I have completely lost the will to live. It is somewhere in Marks and Spencers, if anyone sees it lying around, please email it to me here. Thanks.

10. I apologise for my firstworldproblems moanfest.


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