By George, I think she really has done it this time!

Ok I am officially, certifiably nuts. I accept this.

I’ve written a novel. It took bloody ages, what with squeezing it in between working full-time and playing Sudoku.

I’ve proof-read it to the point where they’ve awarded me the Nobel Prize for Pedantry.

I’ve passed it around to various friends and family members and their reviews were just mixed enough to make me believe that they really did enjoy it.

I have assiduously tweeted and facebooked about other random and amusing things in order to woo my potential readers.

Becoming Mary is now available on kindle, and soon on NOOK.

And you can get it here.

So obviously it’s time to publicise it. Which is what I’m doing now. Even though every particle of my being is telling me not to.

Basically I’m with Snoopy on this one.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.13.19

In other words, officially, certifiably nuts.


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